Lucy- Movie Review


Yes i know Lucy was released a long time ago, not hiding the fact that i just saw it yesterday i have chosen to write about this Sci-Fi movie.

Firstly, Scarlett Johansson failed to live upto expectations in this movie,not that it was her fault entirely.The movie’s direction itself and ridiculous acting by her at most of the scenes clearly added her contribution(maybe she is to attached from her character of Agent Romanoff from Avengers) to the already poor direction.Even the standards of legendary Morgan Freeman fell and he failed to impress or even grasp my attention clearly the work of poor direction once more, i may be over reacting but according to me the movie could have done without him, there was nothing for him except gaping at Lucy abilities.Solely, the Mafia Boss and his gang were the only one which should be appreciated(how they escaped the director’s mediocre aura unharmed should be investigated. 🙂 )

Further,the action sequences lacked perfection, but what more can one get,clearly a super powerful brain makes everything boring just as it is declared in the movie itself (just wave your finger and people fell asleep),but that is my point of view the director would have certainly felt that this scene is gonna leave people jaw dropped(i hope it wasn’t the case) and the car speeding through the busy highway,was that set to leave us totally infatuated,we are already overflowing with too much of Fast and Furious, speeding cars don’t give adrenaline rush any more.OH! how can i forget the roof dance-the transformation in the beginning felt nothing more than reminding Constantine and Bella from Twilight and how both have been clubbed.

And,The concept of Human Brain and what would happen if we start using more than 10% of our brain would have sounded delightful a few years ago but as we already know ,we already are up and running at 100%,the presentation by Morgan was nothing but a knowledge show of a few unenlightened souls.Moreover the continuous screenshots of 10%,20%…100% clearly felt like ticking clock from 24 series.

The movie according to me was a failure on direction and acting part, 40 million dollars were spent on making this and well it earned itself more than 10 times ,well Scar and Freeman clearly have a wide audience appeal that saved the production house.

Overall i wasted by time watching this.God! i should have watched revised Game of Thrones.And wouldn’t recommend it to anyone(if their’s someone left).

Please do share your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “Lucy- Movie Review

  1. I watched this movie on a long-haul flight ~ and usually I end up liking all movies on planes (I think it is because of the extra-oxygen they pump in!), but Lucy was really a disappointment. Agree fully 🙂

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