Train of Dreamy thoughts

While we are dreaming our thoughts take flight of their own, they can neither be made to  conclude at a point of our liking nor can they be extended ,moreover most of the time they don’t correlate to our life in any way and are usually the assortment of things we had picked up throughout our lives.

I would like to share a dream which I just had, it is an interesting journey in its own way.

Starting from the beginning, I don’t know how I stumbled upon it but I was in the middle of this dream(Recall ” INCEPTION-you don’t remember the beginning of a dream”) So i was in the middle of this dream where one of the kings which serves Sauron(You guessed right from- THE LORD OF THE RINGS) was in my house and moreover was sleeping in the bedroom. Guessing from the look of it, i presumed that we the people of middle earth(trying to sound LOTR geek) have been recently defeated by Sauron’s army and one of his black rider (Witch king of Angmar – whom i recognised later) who seemed to have lead his platoon happened to choose our house as a rest place..and further more it appeared we didn’t had any problem with it ,though we talked in whispers fearing he might wake up because he never did anything besides sleeping ,though the dejection that spread around seemed real along with the never ending evenfall . I had just finished recollecting these thoughts that a knock on the door grabs my attention ,upon answering i see my neighbour along with his son on the front steps , he asks me if I can speak with him i said alright at the same time stepping out making sure no noise is made and closing the door behind me thinking what he might want at the same time expecting something serious.

So, he asked me if I could suggest a good coaching institute for his son, I was dumbfounded thinking to myself i thought- the whole world is defeated and here we are father and son asking for a coaching centre and the further more kid looked to be in 4th standard..totally confused i was …i can’t remember anything happening further along in this scenario.

And I was taken to another situation far from home ,i saw two men standing together and gossiping when a shadow comes up to them from behind with a gold hilted dagger in what seemed to be in its weathered hand ,they had their backs to it ,I feared its going to stab them but the next moment the shadows transforms into a man ,both of them turn around and greet the shadowy man who now was wearing a brown cloak, and judging by the way they talked he seemed to be a long lost friend, looking further ahead i saw an old fat and ugly woman draped in green garb which covered her entirely ,walking in the same direction where this group of men stood,when she was close enough so all of them could see,she too transformed into a middle aged  woman now no more ugly but lively,they all exchanged pleasantries as if it was a reunion.And from the way they gossiped and judging by their actions i gathered they meant to fight back and immediately the structures around me started exploding ,clearly the fighting had started, i could hear the Witch King of angmar shouting orders to bring Nazgul..

Like transition of nominated movies in an award show along with changing background music ,it ended there and i was brought from a dreaded dream to a scene where i was racing along with a friend of mine in cars over(yes over) a field of never ending flowers I don’t know how that worked but it seemed to be working somehow ,later realizing the music i heard was actually being played in the car stereo ,the sun was high in the sky and flooded the field with very bright sunlight and it felt very tough and at the same time insane to drive in bright such light.

Again the scene dissolved and i saw myself laid back on beach, the moment filled with sound of gushing water and setting sun ..

And next comes the sound of alarm clock.

As far as i could tell shadow seemed to have cropped up from The Clash of Kings(The Song of Ice and Fire )which i had recently read and the transformation i would relate to Harry Potter series which i keep picking up from time to time.

That it! Share if you like some crazy dream you had.

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