Interstellar -Movie Review


Once again Christopher Nolan has presented us with a masterpiece ,truly depicting that our creativity is infinite but Interstellar fells short on some accounts.

The theme of the movie was great but the way it was presented showed that their was in completeness in his work. More likely it seemed Nolan began directing only when earthlings left for space adventures.

From the beginning of the movie up til 20 minutes one starts to wonder what is happening and why is it happening and whether it truly had any significance to the movie or was it just the presentation that had gone wrong , actually it was everything , everyone who had seen this movie would definitely agree ,that many scenes could have been left out,their was nothing wrong with the acting it was just the way it was directed, which seemed out of line for Nolan.

The pace of the movie itself was a problem ,it begins at a slow pace and it remains at it until the middle to the movie ,it was only when Nolan suspected what he had done and still didn’t wanna cut out ,he carefully placed catalysts to keep people seated.
It was only when we started zipping around planets, that we take a sigh of relief that our money isn’t wasted.

Matthew McConaughey was a new member on board this time,so was Matt Damon, along with some same old Nolan’s family ,Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. Matthew did a spectacular job though at the beginning his character seemed odd ,but like I said earlier it was probably the direction. The rest of them just lacked emotions and never really got fit into their new shoes.

The way I see it ,Interstellar is a brilliant science fiction and adventure movie which will change the way you think about space and time and will definitely encourage you(maybe not) to know about it more ,but prepare yourself for sloppy dialogues ,what matters here is the adventure ,and surely you won’t be going on the same journey again with him.

I am a fan of Nolan’s movie ,with Inception he clearly showed what he is capable of but for sometime (thinking about Dark Knight rises) he just keeps stretching the movie ,maybe he’s trying out a new approach to make us feel more connected to the character and get to know them better, but clearly it isn’t going well. But nonetheless we will keep going for his shows since he is a brilliant magician and what he takes out of his hat next time no one knows but it would be worth applauding.

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