Interstellar -Movie Review


Once again Christopher Nolan has presented us with a masterpiece ,truly depicting that our creativity is infinite but Interstellar fells short on some accounts.

The theme of the movie was great but the way it was presented showed that their was in completeness in his work. More likely it seemed Nolan began directing only when earthlings left for space adventures.

From the beginning of the movie up til 20 minutes one starts to wonder what is happening and why is it happening and whether it truly had any significance to the movie or was it just the presentation that had gone wrong , actually it was everything , everyone who had seen this movie would definitely agree ,that many scenes could have been left out,their was nothing wrong with the acting it was just the way it was directed, which seemed out of line for Nolan.

The pace of the movie itself was a problem ,it begins at a slow pace and it remains at it until the middle to the movie ,it was only when Nolan suspected what he had done and still didn’t wanna cut out ,he carefully placed catalysts to keep people seated.
It was only when we started zipping around planets, that we take a sigh of relief that our money isn’t wasted.

Matthew McConaughey was a new member on board this time,so was Matt Damon, along with some same old Nolan’s family ,Anne Hathaway and Michael Caine. Matthew did a spectacular job though at the beginning his character seemed odd ,but like I said earlier it was probably the direction. The rest of them just lacked emotions and never really got fit into their new shoes.

The way I see it ,Interstellar is a brilliant science fiction and adventure movie which will change the way you think about space and time and will definitely encourage you(maybe not) to know about it more ,but prepare yourself for sloppy dialogues ,what matters here is the adventure ,and surely you won’t be going on the same journey again with him.

I am a fan of Nolan’s movie ,with Inception he clearly showed what he is capable of but for sometime (thinking about Dark Knight rises) he just keeps stretching the movie ,maybe he’s trying out a new approach to make us feel more connected to the character and get to know them better, but clearly it isn’t going well. But nonetheless we will keep going for his shows since he is a brilliant magician and what he takes out of his hat next time no one knows but it would be worth applauding.


Train of Dreamy thoughts

While we are dreaming our thoughts take flight of their own, they can neither be made to  conclude at a point of our liking nor can they be extended ,moreover most of the time they don’t correlate to our life in any way and are usually the assortment of things we had picked up throughout our lives.

I would like to share a dream which I just had, it is an interesting journey in its own way.

Starting from the beginning, I don’t know how I stumbled upon it but I was in the middle of this dream(Recall ” INCEPTION-you don’t remember the beginning of a dream”) So i was in the middle of this dream where one of the kings which serves Sauron(You guessed right from- THE LORD OF THE RINGS) was in my house and moreover was sleeping in the bedroom. Guessing from the look of it, i presumed that we the people of middle earth(trying to sound LOTR geek) have been recently defeated by Sauron’s army and one of his black rider (Witch king of Angmar – whom i recognised later) who seemed to have lead his platoon happened to choose our house as a rest place..and further more it appeared we didn’t had any problem with it ,though we talked in whispers fearing he might wake up because he never did anything besides sleeping ,though the dejection that spread around seemed real along with the never ending evenfall . I had just finished recollecting these thoughts that a knock on the door grabs my attention ,upon answering i see my neighbour along with his son on the front steps , he asks me if I can speak with him i said alright at the same time stepping out making sure no noise is made and closing the door behind me thinking what he might want at the same time expecting something serious.

So, he asked me if I could suggest a good coaching institute for his son, I was dumbfounded thinking to myself i thought- the whole world is defeated and here we are father and son asking for a coaching centre and the further more kid looked to be in 4th standard..totally confused i was …i can’t remember anything happening further along in this scenario.

And I was taken to another situation far from home ,i saw two men standing together and gossiping when a shadow comes up to them from behind with a gold hilted dagger in what seemed to be in its weathered hand ,they had their backs to it ,I feared its going to stab them but the next moment the shadows transforms into a man ,both of them turn around and greet the shadowy man who now was wearing a brown cloak, and judging by the way they talked he seemed to be a long lost friend, looking further ahead i saw an old fat and ugly woman draped in green garb which covered her entirely ,walking in the same direction where this group of men stood,when she was close enough so all of them could see,she too transformed into a middle aged  woman now no more ugly but lively,they all exchanged pleasantries as if it was a reunion.And from the way they gossiped and judging by their actions i gathered they meant to fight back and immediately the structures around me started exploding ,clearly the fighting had started, i could hear the Witch King of angmar shouting orders to bring Nazgul..

Like transition of nominated movies in an award show along with changing background music ,it ended there and i was brought from a dreaded dream to a scene where i was racing along with a friend of mine in cars over(yes over) a field of never ending flowers I don’t know how that worked but it seemed to be working somehow ,later realizing the music i heard was actually being played in the car stereo ,the sun was high in the sky and flooded the field with very bright sunlight and it felt very tough and at the same time insane to drive in bright such light.

Again the scene dissolved and i saw myself laid back on beach, the moment filled with sound of gushing water and setting sun ..

And next comes the sound of alarm clock.

As far as i could tell shadow seemed to have cropped up from The Clash of Kings(The Song of Ice and Fire )which i had recently read and the transformation i would relate to Harry Potter series which i keep picking up from time to time.

That it! Share if you like some crazy dream you had.

Lucy- Movie Review


Yes i know Lucy was released a long time ago, not hiding the fact that i just saw it yesterday i have chosen to write about this Sci-Fi movie.

Firstly, Scarlett Johansson failed to live upto expectations in this movie,not that it was her fault entirely.The movie’s direction itself and ridiculous acting by her at most of the scenes clearly added her contribution(maybe she is to attached from her character of Agent Romanoff from Avengers) to the already poor direction.Even the standards of legendary Morgan Freeman fell and he failed to impress or even grasp my attention clearly the work of poor direction once more, i may be over reacting but according to me the movie could have done without him, there was nothing for him except gaping at Lucy abilities.Solely, the Mafia Boss and his gang were the only one which should be appreciated(how they escaped the director’s mediocre aura unharmed should be investigated. 🙂 )

Further,the action sequences lacked perfection, but what more can one get,clearly a super powerful brain makes everything boring just as it is declared in the movie itself (just wave your finger and people fell asleep),but that is my point of view the director would have certainly felt that this scene is gonna leave people jaw dropped(i hope it wasn’t the case) and the car speeding through the busy highway,was that set to leave us totally infatuated,we are already overflowing with too much of Fast and Furious, speeding cars don’t give adrenaline rush any more.OH! how can i forget the roof dance-the transformation in the beginning felt nothing more than reminding Constantine and Bella from Twilight and how both have been clubbed.

And,The concept of Human Brain and what would happen if we start using more than 10% of our brain would have sounded delightful a few years ago but as we already know ,we already are up and running at 100%,the presentation by Morgan was nothing but a knowledge show of a few unenlightened souls.Moreover the continuous screenshots of 10%,20%…100% clearly felt like ticking clock from 24 series.

The movie according to me was a failure on direction and acting part, 40 million dollars were spent on making this and well it earned itself more than 10 times ,well Scar and Freeman clearly have a wide audience appeal that saved the production house.

Overall i wasted by time watching this.God! i should have watched revised Game of Thrones.And wouldn’t recommend it to anyone(if their’s someone left).

Please do share your thoughts.

How Healthy is Your Reading Diet?

Creativity's Workshop

Someone heading to bed with a good book and a bowl of cereal “Good Night” by Leo Hidalgo via Flickr

Last week I mentioned this quote by Ray Bradbury:

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.”

Now if you’re a writer it’s understandable that you must write (we covered the writing diet in last week’s post), but must you read?

Ray Bradbury and many other successful authors say you do. Why? Because the words you take in as you read affect the words you write.

The reading diet isn’t just about picking up a good book and flicking through the pages. Notice Bradbury said, “Read intensely.” What does that mean?

It means savouring what you read, chewing it over in the mind and noticing the details from word choice to character development. Do you see why it’s called a diet?


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House of Cards to Return For Third Season in February

Jon Negroni

house of cards season 3

Ross Miller | The Verge

House of Cards, Netflix’s first breakout success, is coming back for a third season. Netflix today announced the premiere date: February 27th, 2015.

The 13-episode second season of House of Cards debuted this past Valentine’s Day, February 14th, and was reportedly finished by over half a million people in the first weekend — and by at least one person (me) in the first 12 hours.

The Season 3 release date announcement was made by the House of Cards official Twitter account, which teased a perfectly chilling video of the “First Couple” entering Air Force One.

Now we just have to come up with something to fill the time until February 27th. I’ll mostly be wondering how they’ll manage to match the near-perfect first episode of Season 2, which featured my personal favorite twist of the entire series thus far.

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Being Time in Kenya with Heidegger

Being Time in Kenya with Heidegger

Global Sojourns Photography

Kenya Maasai Mara Africa-22

The concept of time is fascinating. From physics to philosophy, the notion of time is difficult to define.

From our normal existence in the world, we often define time as ‘fleeting’ in the sense there is never enough. Frustration builds as the majority of time is spent catching up on work…work that is always running further and further away.

Kenya Maasai Mara Africa-19

The more worry about time, the less there is.

This has been the script for me this year.  Just as I am ready to celebrate and enjoy autumn, this great season is fading fast.

Back in September, I noticed the leaves turning color. But instead of picking up my coat and heading out, I dropped my head for a quick analysis of work and business only to look up a couple of months later to find winter staring me in the face.

Kenya Maasai Mara Africa-15

Pushing open the window, a gust of cold wind…

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I Wish

Everyday i wish i had you

Everyday i wish you by my side,

to end my gloominess,

to end my longings.

Everyday i wake up

to see the dark and colorless sky,

to see heavens pouring down

as if it follows my heart.

Everyday i look for you

Everyday i return alone,

only to return again.

Everyday i wish for a colorful sky

Everyday i wish i had you.